Monday, January 19, 2009

dr. martin luther king jr. day

UMAD's been having a slow start. i often wonder if there really is a need for such an organization and what is our purpose. recently, an unfortunate incident occurred at the dental school. one of my friends (who is asian-american) was seen in the pre-doctoral clinics as a new patient. the supervising clinical instructor made a racist comment. my friend was initially more appalled than offended, that someone in our progressive utopia of ann arbor, moreover a faculty member at our extremely diverse university of michigan, would ever say such a thing, especially to a PATIENT.

my friend reported to have emailed the dean and received a reply that he would "ensure these things won't happen again".

anyway, you and i likely know that people in the dental school make ridiculous comments ALL THE TIME.

so, if anything, UMAD exists to raise awareness of such things and hopefully foster understanding of different cultures represented at the dental school. if you have a story to share, please email it to

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